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St. George Filipino-American Association

Mission Statement

The mission of the St. George Filipino American Association
is to unite Filipino American Parishioners in order to
support the church, youth and the community for a common cause.
In order to carry out this mission the St. George Filipino American Association shall:

  • Unite our Filipino American parishioners, families and friends to develop a cordial, closer and harmonious relationship among members by keeping our customs and traditions alive (i.e. to teach out native language, dances etc.).
  • Encourage our children (youth, young adult) to be involved in church (spiritually, socially etc.).
  • Support St. George Parish through fundraising events.
  • Support other group’s activities within our parish.
  • Enhance our faith as a community.

Our History

It was on November 20, 1994 at the St. George Rectory’s Dining Room, that the St. George Filipino American Association was born. The initial potluck meeting was open to all parishioners who were interested and eager to join. The following attended the meeting:

Nick & Betty Golla , Bert Domondon,  Eva Kanagusuko, Narciso & Remy Mendoza, Fe Santiago, Carmen Corpuz, Bobby Bonus, Gertrude Antes, Arceli Flunker, Gloria Mamon, Pat Camarillo, Pas Amiscua, Renato and Cristina Sacramento

Renato Sacramento and Eva Kanagusuku volunteered to be the chairperson and recording secretary, respectively.

Renato informed the group about Fr. William Heric’s proposal on how to encourage St. George families to be together and have fun on Valentine’s Day. During the meeting , the members brainstormed some ideas on how to achieve the said proposal. Finally, everybody voted unanimous for the Dinner Dance, to be held on a weekend close to Valentine’s Day.

It was a very enjoyable and productive meeting. Everybody went home excited and looking forward to the next meeting to create committees on the said event and to hold the election of future officers.
President: Renato Sacramento
Vice-President Administration: Betty Golla
Membership: Chito Barrera
Public Relations: Florida Flor
Secretary Recording: Eva Kanagusuku
Corresponding: Cristina Sacramento
Treasurer: Gloria Mamon
Assistant Treasurer: Gertrude Antes
Sergeant-At-Arms: Pat Camarillo, Bert Domondon, Clarita Paule
Auditor: Francisco Ebreo

After the election, the constitution and By-Laws were formulated and adapted. In achieving the goals and objectives of the St. George Filipino American Association, members became involved in various church ministries.

  • Music Ministry
  • Eucharistic Ministry
  • Lectors
  • Ushers

Feast of San Lorenzo Ruiz


San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila was the first Filipino Saint canonized in Manila , Philippines by Pope John Paul II in Oct. 18, 1987. The St. George Filipino American Association first introduced to celebrate the Feast of San Lorenzo in the year 1998 at St. George Parish. The generous couple Efren and Rexcee Esguerra and family donated the statue of San Lorenzo. The picture icon was painted and donated by Sister Marie Fitzpatrick.

A 9-day novena is recited prior to the celebration of the feast. The feast of San Lorenzo is celebrated every year on a Sunday nearest to the 28th of September. The statue of the Saint is processed at the beginning of the Sunday mass and followed by the parishioners and guests with statues, icons, and prayer booklets and blessed by the priest. The feast is concluded with a simple potluck provided by the SGFAA and guests.

Come and join the celebration and the fellowship!


2014-2016 SGFAA Officers

  • President
    Connie Aguilar
  • Vice President
    Cristina Sacramento
  • Recording Secretary 
    Sonia Kleespie
  • Treasurer
    Aurea Quilit
  • Assistant Treasurer 
    Cristina Cirone
  • Auditor
    Waldet Arciaga
  • Sergeant-at-Arms
    Clarita Paule
    Rexcee Esguerra
    Efren Esguerra

Feast of Sto. Nino

  • The Feast of Sto. Nino has always been celebrated here at St. George Parish and continued by the SGFAA in the year 1995.
  • Every year the feast of Sto. Nino is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January. The statue of Sto. Nino is processed at the beginning of the mass with the people joining the procession with their own statues, icons, pictures and prayer booklets. The celebrant then blesses these religious items. Colorful flowers are also offered to the Infant Jesus.
  • The occasion is also celebrated with a simple potluck feast provided by the SGFAA, parishioners and guests