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About Our Parish

A Brief History


    St, George's Parish is located in the south end of the City of Seattle. The original church was built on a bluff overlooking the region known as the Duwamish River Valley. The site was chosen personally by Bishop O'Dea. when this church was built in 1904 this section of Seattle was an incorporated town of its own, known as Georgetown. It derived its name from a noted physician in the area, Dr. George Horton. It was finally incorporated in to the City of Seattle in 1909.

     In the year 1903 a number of Catholics living in the Georgetown district, under the direction of the Rev. Joseph F. McGrath, later bishop of Baker City, Oregon, began to organize St. George's Parish. with the apporval of Bishop O'Dea of Seattle, the site on the corner of Corson and Swift Avenue was determined upon; and the church, a small frame structure, was built. As the parish grew the church was found to be inadequate and so it was enlarged, thus doubling its capacity.

     The first permanent pastor of St. George's Parish was the Rev. William Palmer, appointed in 1904. The Rev. James O'Brien succeeded him in 1905, and in 1916 Rev. M.P. O'Dwyer was appointed pastor. In 1917 the Franciscan Province of Santa Barbara took charge of the parish and then assigned its own priest and brothers.

      The congregation consisted of Austrians, Belgians, French, Irish, Italians, Germans, Poles and Spaniards.

      In 1950, through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Glasford, property was obtained for the building of a new church and rectory, with construction beginning in may os 1953 and completion in June 1954.

      In 1969, under the leadership of Fr. Loren Kerkof, the Georgetown Service Center was founded. In 1980, the Koren Catholic community was invited to use worship space at St. George by Fr. Louis Ladenburger, pastor at that time. At first the Korean Catholic Community rented worship space and a meeting facilities at St. George. But eventually a new relationship emerged in which the two communities shared in the administration of St. George, and the Korean pastor was given living space in the parish center. As their community grew their need for space increased. Land was purchased for a new complex named Peace of Christ Korean Ceter in north Seattle in 1991.

      1987 brought an end to a long history of service and ministry by the Franciscan Friars to the people of St. George and the surrounding community. Because of a continuing decine of vocations, the Franciscan Porvince of Santa Barbara faced the unhappy task of retrenchment in assigning a limited number of priests. The decision was made to concentrate mainly on its California Ministry. St. George was among the parishes that lost the service of teh much-loved Franciscans. Archbishop Hunthausen subsequently assigned Fr. Jeffrey Sarkies, one of his diocesan priests, to serve as pastor under the direction of the Archdiocese of Seattle.

     Fr. Gratian wrote, "It would be an impossible task to single out the many instances of sacrifice on the part of our people ..,"

     These same words could be used to describe all that the members of St. George Parish have achieved in its one hundred twelve years of making history. It is a history that has been enriched by the cultural heritage of parishioners: many coming, frist, from European lands; and later from Pacific rim countries. This diversity of people, unted in one faith, has proven to be one of the great strengths of St. George.

     As we celebrate the accomplishments of priests, sisters and parishioners over the past one hundred twelve years, let us also look forward to a faith-filled future.




Pastors of St. George Church

Rev. William Palmer                  1904-1905
Rev. James O'Brien                    1905-1916
Rev. M.P. O'Dwyer                     1916-1917
Rev. Clement Berberich, O.F.M.  1917-1928
Rev. Ambrose Trabert, O.F.M.     1928-1931
Rev. Gregory Wooler, O.F.M        1931-1937
Rev. Matthew Poetzl, O.F.M.       1937-1940
Rev. Terence Cronin, O.F.M.        1940-1944
Rev. Jordan Donovan, O.F.M.      1944-1949
Rev. Gratian Gabel, O.F.M.          1949-1955
Rev. Cornelius Snyder, O.F.M.     1955-1964
Rev. Paschal Morrisroe, O.F.M.    1964-1968
Rev. Adrian Erienheim, O.F.M.    1968-1970
Rev. Adian Colloty, O.F.M.          1970-1976
Rev. John Altman, O.F.M.           1976-1981
Rev. Louis Ladenburger, O.F.M.  1981-1984
Rev. Michel Dallmeier, O.F.M.     1984-1986
Rev. David Johnson, O.F.M.        1986-1987
Rev. Jeffrey Sarkies                    1987-1990
Rev. Martin Bourke                     1990-1992
Rev. William Heric                      1992-1997
Rev. Joseph Tyson                      1997-2005
Rev. Felino Paulino                    2005-2019
Rev. K. Scott Connnoly              2019-Present

Principals of St. George School

Sister Wilhelmine Derry  B.V.M.  1921-1928
Sister St. Alice Hewson B.V.M.    1928-1933
Ssiter Ricardus Herlihy  B.V.M.    1933-1939
Sister Azraella Pollack  B.V.M.     1939-1945
Sister Justin Prevost  B.V.M.       1945-1949
Sister Davidica Brown  B.V.M.     1949-1955
Sister Jeromette Foley B.V.M.     1955-1961
Sister Genesio Rosselli  B.V.M.   1961-1967
Sister Ann Phebus B.V.M.            1967-1978
Ms. Dorothy Hamilton                  1978-1982
Mr. John Miner                             1982-1984
Ms. Louise Petrasek                     1984-1986
Sister Lois Morisky, S.N.J.M.        1986-1991
Mr. Glen Lutz                                 1991-1993
Mr. Patrick White                          1993-1996
Ms. Bernadette O'Leary                1996-2011
Ms. Monica Wingard                 2011-Present