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Online Giving

A Secure & Convenient Way to Contribute to Your Parish

myEoffering provides a complete turnkey electronic solution for collecting offerings that is easy, efficient and cost effective. In addition to increasing donations, the deposit preparation time and bookkeeping burden on your Church is reduced and the collection process efficiency is improved. Benefits Include:


•   Donors that give electronically, give through myEoffering because it is more efficient for their household. Many donors pay their bills electronically (ACH) and/or through credit cards and use only a check for their church contribution.

   •   Donors can use their credit card. Although no church community supports donor debt, many families prefer to use credit cards in a responsible manner. Many prefer the security, ease of bill paying or simply collect reward points. Statistics show greater than 65% of electronic donors use credit cards and tend to give 2-3% more than ACH givers.

   •   Donors can customize their own method of giving based on how they receive their income. (ex biweekly, semimonthly or monthly)

   •   Donors can manage all of their giving at one time. They can plan and designate their contributions for all weekly collections, extra church collections and tuition at the same time that they pledge their regular Offertory gift.


 Signing up is as simple as going to our church website ( and clicking on the “Donate Now” button. You’ll register an account and within minutes you will be giving your first online donation. The steps are outlined below. 

 We invite you to try electronic contributions and we hope you find it very convenient. You can use any computer or mobile device to donate electronically. Or, if you don’t have access to a computer but would still like your offerings to be deducted from your account, ask a member of the church administration for a signup form so they can set up your offering.









Parish Office


If you have additional questions regarding our Online Giving program, please contact the parish office.