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Welcome to St. George Parish

OUR MISSION. St. George is a welcoming faith community of diverse peoples. We joyfully celebrate our life in Christ. We worship together as a family of God, and are renewed in spirit by the Gospel message. We look to our youth as the future of our Church. We are committed to deepening our faith by the ongoing education and formation of all. We strive to fulfill our Gospel mission through ministry to each other and outreach to the community at large.

Annual Catholic Appeal 2014 Results

From Renato Sacramento  •  Posted on July 27, 2014

Please return your pledge envelope so we can meet our parish goal! It is our hope this year that ALL our parish families will participate by completing an envelope.

Our Annual Catholic Appeal Goal: $32,568
% of Goal reached so far: 165%
Registered Parish Households: 413
Pledge Envelopes Returned: 215
% of Participating Households: 52%

Our Parish Goal: $65,000
Gifts Pledges received as of 7/13: $53,590
% of goal reached so far: 82%
Over goal rebate to parish to date: $21,022.00
Parish Project—Upkeep of the Church
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Knights of Columbus BBQ

From Renato Sacramento  •  Posted on July 27, 2014

Knights of Columbus
A Worldwide Catholic
Fraternal Organization
John Peyton Council 15338

Knights of Columbus BBQ
Sunday, August 3, 2014

Parish Office Bldg
(during Seafair Air Show)


St. Paul Parish Office
5600 S. Ryan St.
Seattle, WA 98178

Liturgy of the Hours Retreat

From Renato Sacramento  •  Posted on July 27, 2014

Liturgy of the Hours Retreat
September 12-14, 2014

Led by: Br. Aelred Woodard, O.S.B. and Andrew Casad

Location: The Archbishop Brunett Retreat Center at the Palisades (4700 SW Dash Point Road, Federal Way, WA 98023)

Price: $199 per person for all presentations, 6 meals, and 2 nights in a comfortable room with private bath; $165 per person for a shared room with one bed

Register: (206) 748-7991,

The Liturgy of the Hours has remained a mystery for many faithful Catholics, yet it is a powerful tool to grow in communion with God through the Scriptures. Curious to know how to pray the Liturgy of the Hours? Interested in learning its history? Learn about theology of the Liturgy of the Hours, music and the Liturgy of the Hours, the spirituality of the Psalms, and how this regular prayer of the Church leads us to Christ in his mysteries.

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time — Year A

From Renato Sacramento  •  Posted on July 27, 2014

First Reading
1 Kings 3:5,7-12
Solomon pleases God when he asks for a wise and understanding heart to better govern the people.

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 119:57,72,76-77,127-130
The law of the Lord is more precious than silver and gold.

Second Reading
Romans 8:28-30
God chose us to be conformed to the image of his Son.

Gospel Reading
Matthew 13:44-52 (shorter form: Matthew 13:44-46)
Jesus teaches about the Kingdom of Heaven.

Background on the Gospel Reading

Today's Gospel concludes three weeks of readings from the 13th Chapter of Matthew's Gospel. Throughout these three weeks we have heard Jesus teaching crowds about the kingdom of heaven, and we have heard Jesus interpret some of his teachings for the disciples. In this week's Gospel, Jesus offers three more short parables.

The first two parables describe the great value of the kingdom of heaven. In the first parable, Jesus says that the kingdom of heaven is like a buried treasure that is worth possessing even if it means giving up everything else. In the second parable, Jesus proposes that the kingdom of heaven is like a pearl of great worth for which one will sell everything else to possess. These parables teach us that we are to place everything we value in the service of the pursuit of the Kingdom of God.

The third parable that Jesus proposes in today's Gospel is different from the first two, but it is reminiscent of the parable of the sower heard in last week's Gospel. The kingdom of heaven is compared to fishing with a wide net. After the fish have been collected, the good fish are kept and the bad fish are thrown away; so too, in the final judgment, will the wicked and the righteous be separated.

Today's Gospel concludes with a curious statement about the scribe who understands the kingdom of heaven. Here a metaphor is offered: this scribe is like the head of a household who “brings from his storeroom both the new and the old.” The scribes referred to here are experts of Mosaic law. It is possible that Jesus is here instructing the early Christian community on how to proceed in the interpretation of Jewish law with respect to Jesus' "new" teaching. Jesus' teaching about the kingdom of heaven does not replace the Jewish tradition; it interprets it in a different light.